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Eörs Szathmáry Jr.

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What is WEngine?

WEngine is an advanced website template that has been created to bring user-friendly websites come to life.

Innovation Section

Our Mission

As the Innovation Section of WebSight, our mission is to find new ways to make our products more capable.

Evolving WebSight's identity


More than one year has passed since we last updated our look.
Although at the core we are still the same, the way of designing our products has evolved.
We share Google's belief that the material of software is Digital Paper.
So we updated our logo and symbol to reflect just that.
You may also notice that the letter "i" is slightly bolder than the rest of the text.
The reason behind this decision is simple yet important.
The "i" stands for Intelligent Design and the Innovation Section, both of which are essential to us.
We deeply believe that this new look will represent WebSight's brand identity for years to come.

WebSight Unveils a New Look!


Since WebSight has started back in June earlier this year we have tried to enhance our design by creating a unified look and feel. To achieve this goal we have been following two major design principles: Flexibility and Coherence. To show this way of thinking across WebSight we have to fully apply these principles to our logo and symbol as well.

So today we are introducing a new logo and symbol that finally reflects a unified WebSight. We hope that you will love them as much as we do.